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Single family villa, excellent condition, 465 sq.m., Pineto

We offer for sale a wonderful newly built villa, located along the Adriatic coast in the seaside town of Pineto in the province of Teramo, set in a splendid setting between the sea and the beach just 200 meters away and a hill untouched by buildings, rich in greenery and arboreal essences . Only 20 km from the city of Pescara with an airport connected to several European countries, the National Park of Abruzzo is about 70 km away, 10 km away is Atri, recently consecrated by the ANCI (National Association of Municipalities of Italy) the most beautiful medieval village of Italy. General features The villa was built according to the rules of Bio-architecture (ecological house) It is distributed on 3 levels: Underground level The plan includes: - Garage for two parking spaces inside and one outdoor station, plus semi-mezzanine storage room Large living room with fireplace, very large modern style kitchen with adjoining pantry and large hypostyle, large windows and a “wolf's mouth” porch with an adjoining staircase for direct access to the garden; Gym / relax with complete body building tools, aerobic equipment, boxing bag and back with abdominal bench, sauna for two people with annexe bathroom and large built-in wardrobes; Bathroom with large shower room with dual shower service (mobile and fixed), toilet, washbasin and locker; - Technical room with boiler, adjoining laundry and ironing room, centralized central vacuum unit (20 nozzles), central body air exchange basement . - Woodshed with storage for building materials and firewood, tank and control unit for artesian well and irrigation system, control unit equipped with alarm system for black water lifting system and white. - Water control room with 2 Ebara autoclaves, 10 quintals food tank and electronic limestone control system for the permanent conservation of all the t locations and household appliances. Ground floor The floor includes: - Living room with fitted wall with fireplace and housing Hi-fi stereo system and ---------- TV with Dolby Sorround, living room with white corner sofa, closet for clothes, - Kitchen with drop-shaped table for 6 seats and American style fridge; - Sleeping area with 2 bedrooms and bathroom equipped with a Jacuzzi tub / shower, 2 sinks and a locker, a storage room; - doussié helical staircase built by local artisans; First floor The floor includes: Double bedroom with adjoining master bathroom , equipped with a large walk-in shower with double shower accessories (fixed and mobile), a round whirlpool Jacuzzi for 2 seats, 2 sinks with large underlying furniture and wardrobe, made of beech, separate toilet; - very wardrobe room large with large wardrobe (winter / summer), sofa with double bed for any guests, - large wardrobe / storage room with 3.5m high ceiling, and equipped with clothing structure - 2 balconies with flower boxes and automatic irrigation, paved with terracotta and hand-made Greek fret; - Doussié wooden staircase to access the sun terrace, which is equipped with a shower service, terracotta tiles and terracotta tiles hand-made by local artists, a panoramic view of the sea coast and the beautiful unspoilt hill Garden garden The garden level includes: N ° 3 arcades located near the main entrance, the living room and the swimming pool; Numerous tree species and ornamental plants, lawn in English style; Pool Original, made in ca and covered with Bisazza mosaic, accurate in every detail, made up of three different heights, respectively 3-1.2-1 meters deep: n ° 3 meters diving area; n 1,2 meters area stairway; n ° 1 hydromassage area; The circular hydromassage area can accommodate up to ten people with seat and double hydro, air / air-water system; In one of the sides we find a suggestive waterfall made by local artists with stones of the Maiella National Park. The swimming pool (made with handmade Umbrian terracotta) 50 cm wide. "Frames" this stretch of water further enhancing the splendid residence. The swimming pool is fully inspectable and includes a technical room with pumps and filters, therefore easily accessible for maintenance checks and / or mechanical replacements. Installation The facilities are all eco-friendly and include: - Underfloor heating and cooling system. It heats radiantly, so it heats and cools the structure homogeneously, unlike what happens in traditional convention systems which heat the air and produce a non-homogeneous heat. high energy consumption . The underfloor system creates a comfortable bio-climate in all the rooms of the villa and is equipped with an external sensor for detecting temperature and humidity through which the control unit automatically manages the ideal climate for all seasons. The water temperature that is used during the winter season is around 35 °, while in the summer, through the cont control unit rollout, it never drops below 15 ° so as not to reach the dew point, therefore it is protected from condensation risks. The fresh product is called “fresh cellar” in the jargon as it is fresh, not deriving from the classic split for air conditioning, but from the cooling of the structure, therefore an absolutely comfortable cooling not harmful to the health of the inhabitants. - Dehumidification plant . The plant is located in the ground floor and in the first floor and works in combination with that of cooling, and together they create an atmosphere of exceptional comfort during the summer season. It is equipped with humidistats positioned on the two levels so that the desired degree of humidity can be adjusted. Electric System Biocompatible system realized with “star” and not “ring” cable distribution to eliminate electromagnetic fields harmful to health. The cables used (5,000 meters) for the entire system are completely shielded ( double shielding, copper braiding and aluminum foil) as well as all the junction boxes. It has three circuit breakers, one for each floor. The circuit breaker allows to reduce the network power from 220v to 12v , whenever the last light bulb or appliance is turned off, so that even the slightest electromagnetic field can be eliminated during the night's rest. Water System Even this system has been "conceived" with "star" distribution and not "ring" as for the electrical system, to help reduce electromagnetic fields . This system was created with a direct water supply system for each of the taps, so as not to have and decrease in pressure and / or temperature drop even with multiple taps open at the same time. Centralized suction system Central motor body located in the technical area of the basement. Motor with suction capacity 300 mc.ora. Data of more than 20 nozzles also located externally on the arcades . Accessoried with three flexible 7 m hoses. each with its own set ---------- (one for each floor) . Irrigation system The system managed by a computerized system serves all areas of the garden, both as a shower version for the lawn and as a dripper version for the hedges. Also l system includes three automatic sprinklers two positioned on the two balconies, one on the single terrace . Water lifting system Composed of 4 pumps managed by 2 control units equipped with alarm system in case of malfunctioning. L The plant is in charge of controlling and evacuating the white and black waters towards the sewer system. Security system Imposing and highly sophisticated plant divided and distributed over several sectors (the client reserves the right to detail the information in separated for reasons of confidentiality) . Biocompatible materials Plasters - External “coat” thermal plaster made with hydraulic lime and 3.5 cm thick lava perlite (protects the bioc internal file, in the summer season it acts as a barrier to heat and elimination of excess moisture, while in winter it helps to maintain a pleasant and homogeneous temperature on all environments); -Interior plaster made with hydraulic lime and sand of 2 cm. thick, which allows the interior walls to be kept dry and breathable. Paints and finishes - External silicate paint, vapor-permeable and water-impermeable, made using a veiling technique and system; - Internal paint lime and earth colored base with technique and glazing system, made with macrotherapy criteria (use of colors to create comfort and healthiness in the various rooms). Bonding Made of clay bricks and wood flour (termofon); Thermo / acoustic, load-bearing, anti-seismic and anti-thermal bridges; These are special bricks with highly qualitative characteristics which were fundamental for the level of global comfort, and for which it is worthwhile to illustrate the main ones: Mechanical resistance Mise-earthquake bearing wall (the city of Pineto, with the recent law on seismic risk classes, entered into force from 20/03 / 2004, falls within the area n ° 3, medium / low risk), with the undeniable advantages that it involves as reduction of thermal bridges, more connected building, less iron, etc. Thermal / acoustic insulation The high number of rooms narrow air of the brick, allows to reduce the transmission of heat that occurs inside the block due to convention and radiation. The microporosity due to the mixture of wood "flour" with pure clay, creates a degree of exceptional sound absorption nal to muffle noises coming from the outside. Steam-proofing The inclusion of non-vapor-permeable thermal insulators has created many problems for traditional masonry due to the humidity that was formed inside it (molds, condensates, etc. ..) The “lung” effect was also reduced, that is the capacity to absorb excess steam and eventually to return it when the ambient air becomes particularly dry. Through these special bricks all the aforementioned problems have been solved. Thermal inertia By means of the heavy structure the rooms of the house can be ventilated and, immediately afterwards, the internal temperature will be restored immediately, since the heavy walls have a high thermal capacity. Basically the wall acts as a "tank" of heat and of "thermal shock absorber", damping and out of phase the external climatic peaks, results that cannot be obtained from an insulating but light structure. Overturning the situation the heavy structure will be able in the summer to absorb the heat that enters through the openings and maintain the cool environment exactly as it happens in the ancient houses with stone walls. NB with the achievement of these results are automatically resolved other important problems, such as: -fire resistance, -time duration, -the absence of radioactivity, -permeability to the natural electromagnetic field, -the ability to absorb the passive free energy; Terracotta floors Umbrian colored leather handmade by artisans of ancient furnaces with selected clays in quarries without chemical substances and radioactive waste (certificate) . Used for external and internal paving, internal roof tiles placed between the exposed wooden beams and the pool edge (cutlery with ecological glue) . Sughero It is the cork of the LIS company, made with panels held together with the same natu resin cork. Used for the insulation of the whole villa: floors, walls, roof, balconies and terrace, absolutely in line with the law 10/91 on insulation. NB For thermo / acoustic insulation they were also used special bricks (see plugging) and coat based on thermal plaster (see plasters) . Eraclit Panels for ecological thermal / acoustic insulation compacted with natural lignite, used for the insulation of all the curbs and pillars ca. Woodbed The essence used was Doussié, the choice was determined by its adaptability to the heated floor. Posted with single-component glue and treated ecologically with citrus oil and beeswax. Ecological roof The structure made of European Douglas and external planking in larch, impregnated with basins based on boron salts and waxed d'api. Lightweight transpiring insulating 7 cm. realized with PLS (wood / cement) . N ° two layers of ecological cork of 3 cm each.. Hardened with ecological vapor permeable sheath and waterproof water. 5 cm ventilation. (roof cool in summer and dry in winter) . The same ventilation criterion was used for balconies and terraces, with a layer of 13 cm of ventilation. Con beds made with selected clays without chemical substances and high-level radioactive waste. Flags and doors and windows Doors and windows Solid wood doors, with different types of opening (flag, book and sliding) Front windows with different types of opening (double door, single leaf and sliding doors) ecologically treated with "open pore" (no paints harmful to people's health were used), shatterproof glass with external layer of 0.5 + 0.5 cm.with anti-burglar polycarbonate sheet, cavity of 1.2 cm, internal accident-prevention layer of 0.4 + 0.4 cm.with polycarbonate sheet. APE IN CLASS C - IPE 55.3 KWh / MQ YEAR

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Main data

Reference and ad Date
EK-71807836 - 31/08/2019
Single family villa
465 m² - See detail
5+ (5 bedrooms, 2 other), 3+ bathrooms, kitchen diner
Garage and parking space
Garage 2 cars
Property type
Full ownership, luxury property


BalconyTerracePoolHydromassageElectric gateFireplaceMansardTavernOptic fiberVideo entryphoneAlarm systemSecurity doorTv system with satellite dishPartially furnishedCellarPrivate gardenWindow frames in double glass / wood


Sale € 1.800.000   mortgage from € 4.868/month
Cadastral information
Class A/7, Income € 11.111.111

Energy efficiency

Year of construction
Excellent / Refurbished
Independent, floor heating, gas powered
Air conditioner
Independent, cold/heat
Energy rating
Global energy performance index (EPgl,nren)
55,00 kWh/m²a




55,00 kWh/m²a | Energy rating C







Installment from 4.868 per month

540.000 (30%)

1.260.000 (70%)

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