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  • € 62.000
  • € 167/month
    mortgage fee
    Installment from167per month
  • rooms
  • 160 m2
  • bathrooms

Two-family villa, to be refurbished, 160 sq.m., Battaglia Terme

It was around noon, but the weather seemed strangely suspended. The house from below to above was pervaded by a natural greyness typical of something now lifeless, yet I sensed something still in the air. A positive energy that brought down that gloom a bit ... As if future events were waiting for the moment to unleash . "History looks back to the past but moves towards the future" Battaglia Terme is beautiful. Point. Let us really consider it, it is a great artistic and cultural fortune that we find ourselves in our hands. If there were more in this area for the tourist market, there would be an immediate increase in demand. And that's exactly what I think about when I look at this building. I am in the balcony of the upstairs bedroom and I see the view of the canal as a perfect photograph to attract tourists who are looking for the best solution online. The bedroom is very large, the other bedroom also looks over the Hills is. They could become studios for 2/4 people each. A staircase leads into the attic, an attic with exposed wooden beams. Here too there is potential. From the ground floor, between the living room and the kitchen, you go down. Downstairs there is a tavern with access to the common courtyard at the back of the house, a second bathroom and the cellar. front door and that ceramic flooring typical of those years. The house is certainly to be restored, but to optimize costs while maintaining the historical finishing touches would make it more valuable. I know. It is not easy to invest these days, but I will tell you a secret . Send me an email to and you will know what it is! (ps: in the subject write: casa crepuscolo)

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Main data

Reference and ad Date
(1644238) - 19/07/2019
Two-family villa
160 m²
5 (3 bedrooms, 2 other), 2 bathrooms, kitchen diner
Property type
Full ownership, medium property class


TerraceFireplaceOptic fiberCellar


Sale € 62.000   mortgage from € 167/month

Energy efficiency

To be refurbished
Air conditioner
energy certification


Installment from 167 per month

18.600 (30%)

43.400 (70%)

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Address and map

Battaglia Terme

ImmobilStory di Alessandrin Giada

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