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Icona Marketing - Product Owner

Milano - Marketing

ABOUT US is Italy's largest local service marketplace, now expanding internationally. We help millions of customers to find a local service professional: we cover 400+ services, ranging from wedding photographers to plumbers to guitar teachers. Within a few years, we expect that booking a plumber or a painter online will be as effortless as buying a book. Today that's not the case, and we're out to change it. The opportunity is huge.

We are a fast-growing startup: 2 people in march 2015, now we are over 100. We strive to minimize bull*** and maximize impact: average age is 29, because often brains is more important than experience; we work in open space, because communication needs to happen quickly; everyone has very large responsibilities, because we don't have time to do any handholding (and we think it's counterproductive).

Investors include people from Google, Facebook, eBay, McKinsey, as well as the famous enterpreneurs behind We have the growth-rate of a startup, but not the risk...

We are looking for people who want to help us build a service that everyone will use multiple times a year; a service that will make a difference in society. It's not an easy job.

Product team has full ownership of our product. Our "product" does not simply refer to the app or the website, but to the entire user experience: you envision what the optimal user experience should be, and set out to create it.
Working back from our north-star metrics, taking into account hard data, and gathering qualitative feedback, Product Owners work with Designers and Engineers to define what ProntoPro should do next. 
We are not in a "maintenance" stage: we're building building building towards a vision; Product Team will guide us there.
  • 3+ years experience in Product Management, building digital product
  • You have a good "product sense": you intuitively understand which features/apps work and which ones don't (if you don't know whether you have this - you don't have it :) 
  • You are good with numbers: not just reading reports, but defining what numbers/KPIs you should be looking at. Ideally you know SQL, or willing to learn very quickly.
  • You are among the top 10% of best communicators you know. You naturally use clear, top-down communication. 
  • You know design-speak and you know engineering-speak. You worked closely with both types of professionals, and know how to leverage them.

Ultimately, you will own a large piece of our product. As an owner, you are expected to:
1. Bring real impact: 
You are not going to simply "coordinate" or "facilitate". You will own business and product KPIs, and be evaluated on numbers. Your job therefore does not stop at writing technical documentation or measuring KPIs (which you will certainly do!): you will do everything needed to achieve that impact, whether that involves setting a product roadmap, coordinating other departments for a roll-out, defining a new KPI to supplant an obsolete one, etc


2. Define a vision and execute on it

Our long-term vision is clear, but getting there is hard and you need to define how. You are expected to develop very strong opinions about what our users want, and what most affects their KPIs. Once you have these convinctions, use them to prioritize ruthlessly! Half your job is correct prioritization. You can only do it if you have strong convinctions. Your job is not to simply execute someone else's idea or instructions.

3. Create new things

Incremental optimization will only bring incremental results. Incremental results are not your job. Talk to users, dig into data, and invent new things. 

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