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Immobiliare.it Insights: the vision

Immobiliare.it Insights, part of the group which includes Immobiliare.it, is the proptech company which provides analysis of Italian and international real estate data, aimed at creating high-tech services meant for the financial world. The company was born following the acquisition of Realitycs, founded in Siena by Simone Gadenz, the current CEO.

Immobiliare.it Insights offers highly detailed real estate analysis for banks, appraisal companies, servicers, and investors, providing them with actionable information. Its offerings include hyperlocal data on property values, energy consumption, location intelligence and more. Proprietary algorithms have been developed by a team of data scientists that leverages the vast database of Immobiliare.it.

The company’s mission is to extend property data intelligence services to operators in the financial sector, facilitate strategic decisions in real estate aimed at maximizing sales, simplifying wealth management, and identifying the best investment opportunities.

  • 2017

    The start-up phase

    Realitycs was founded with the ambition to beecome a benchmark for information services in the real estate sector.

    By affirming itself as a solid partner of Italian real estate market operators, it has set new standards in the determination process of real estate values, based on qualitative profiling of the property specific characteristics and trends.

  • 2019

    Joining Immobiliare.it

    In 2019 Immobiliare.it acquires the majority of the company, with the purpose to create the biggest data hub on the real estate market, during a ramp up phase of the proptech sector in Italy.

  • 2021

    Entering foreign markets

    In partnership with the main real estate websites of the Mediterranean area, the company began studying and engineering the real estate analytics offer abroad, beginning in Spain, Greece, Luxembourg, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria.

  • 2023

    Immobiliare.it Insights: a new era

    The completion of the acquisition of the company by Immobiliare.it gives birth to Immobiliare.it Insights, the proptech company focused on real estate analysis, oriented to financial services’ operators.

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    I nostri valori

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    Orientamento al cliente

    Cosa Offriamo Realitycs offre una piattaforma di supporto per i processi decisionali dei soggetti che operano nel settore immobiliare.

    It facilitates the process of determining the most likely market value of real estate, and its interface is designed for professionals involved in appraisal, brokerage, and investment in real estate. It generates valuation scenarios, simplifies the drafting of professional reports and documents, provides the tools for critical representation of the spatial and temporal dynamics of the real estate market, and helps analyze and understand competition in space and time. The platform creates value for different categories of users, from investors in the real estate market, to large real estate asset managers, to the agency and appraiser, and even the end consumer who will enjoy greater market transparency.

    Realitycs intelligence can be accessed from our platform, through integrations into management systems, white label mode, or industry-specific reports.

    Realitycs Dashboard concept

    Realitycs+ is a decision support platform for the real estate appraisal process based on qualitative profiling of each individual property.

    Realitycs+ is designed to respond to the needs of the Italian real estate context; through the characterization of each real estate unit based on a set of descriptive variables (the number of which varies according to the type of property) and their subsequent analysis and interpretation within the reference territorial context, the following are calculated qualitative indexes that support the research and interpretation of values on geostatistical basis and time basis.

    Realitycs (company) can generate reasoned valuation scenarios for each individual property and interactive analytical dashboards forexploration in space and time of the real estate market. These features are complemented by a range of representation and reporting tools to support and facilitate the daily professional activities of evaluators.

    We have always invested in giving greater transparency to those buying or selling property. Thanks to our collaboration with Realitycs, we have created on our portal a new online real estate valuation system for individuals and professionals

    Carlo Giordano – Managing Director Immobiliare.it