Choose data capable of increasing the value of your products Ready-to-use datasets usable in infinite combinations

If you need to integrate valuable information or services into your systems or into the products you create for your customers, choose our APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Se hai bisogno di integrare informazioni o servizi di valore nei tuoi sistemi o nei prodotti che realizzi per i tuoi clienti, scegli le nostre API (Application Programming Interfaces).

You will accelerate your business development leveraging the full potential of the granular data we have collected, structured and documented in a rational and ready-to-use manner.

  • Set of endpoints specific to Realitycs API – Immobiliare.it allows you to search, filter and browse ads and buys, socio demographic data and points of interest.
  • Simple and graphically professional representation of data relative to an area or relevant to a property.

  • Customizable reports in structure and appearance .

What advantages can we offer you?

  • Access to exclusive data such as searches and listings contacts
  • Possibility to process endless combinations of information in time and space
  • Analyzing the most comprehensive dataset of sales, points of interest, spatial and socio-demographic data
  • Integrate our professional automatic valuation services

endpoint documentation

endpoint documentation

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