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Find out how much your mortgage collateral is worth Assess your property portfolio in less time

Recent European regulations have introduced specific requirements concerning assets pledged as collateral for mortgages taken out by banks.

Thanks to our mass appraisal service, you no longer need to worry about how to integrate statistical analysis procedures into your internal processes.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we support you throughout the entire monitoring process. From an initial phase of collecting and enriching missing data, through to defining the value of the property and comparing it with the results reported by the appraiser.

Thousands of appraisals in reduced time

Reduce the cost and time of researching, studying, and processing your property portfolios

Advanced statistical models

Rely on our technology for accurate and reliable appraisals

Unrivalled information assets

We provide you with independent values in line with the market thanks to our extensive databases on real estate, demographics, and socioeconomics



Mass Appraisal
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  • Data scouting & portfolio enrichment
  • AVM appraisal, and comparables
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
Mass Appraisal Valutazione Massiva AVM

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