Green Diligence

Assess the climate risk and energy performance of your assets Analyses and custom studies for all types of real estate operations

Depending on your needs, we can analyze the current energy impact of your portfolio or assess the environmental risk of an investment opportunity.

Energy performance assessment

Thanks to a repository of more than 15 million energy certificates, we will support you in both the search for documents regarding the assets in your portfolio and the subsequent estimation of the energy class of consumption and emissions.

In situations of information scarcity, we will support you in finding missing data to reach reliable results.

Climate change risk analysis

You will be able to know the risk of climate change on your real estate operations or on the future value of your assets: for each property we provide a risk scenario that takes into account hydrogeological, seismic and climatic components, as well as extreme events or the progressive process of climate change.

  • An initial retrieval of timely documents traceable to portfolio assets
  • For all other assets through predictive tools based on artificial intelligence an estimation of class, consumption and emissions is made. If the information about the asset to be evaluated was partial, we take care of the remediation phase of the necessary information, such as the geographic location of the property

Green Diligence

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