Mass Appraisal

Get valuations of large portfolios in less time Reliable and accurate valuations thanks to our advanced technology

  • Quick and reliable appraisal through our AVM
  • Generation of interactive evaluation scenario

  • Aided by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for choosing the best comparables and calculating the marginal parameters of the MCA

Monitoring the value of large real estate investment portfolios or knowing the value of NPL and mortgage collateral packages are tasks that require often costly and time-consuming processing.

Starting from the main characteristics of your real estate, through our automated valuation system (AVM) we can provide you in a few moments not only with the economic value of each asset, but also with a descriptive scenario of valuation confidence, market risk and a set of comparables that validate the values.

In situations of information scarcity, we can assist you in finding missing data to reach reliable results.

What advantages can we offer you?

  • Obtain thousands of valuations in less time
  • Create efficiency in monitoring large portfolios
  • Take advantage of a vast information knowledge base that is constantly being updated
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