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agenzie immobiliari a Cingia de' Botti

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    Via Leonida Bissolati 16 26100 - Cremona

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  • Bosco Immobili
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    Bosco Immobili
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    Via umberto I 13 26010 - Dovera

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    Welcome to our real estate agency founded in 1987 by Roberto L.Bosco active in the local area and northern Italy. My mission is to help people realize their real estate dreams by offering personalized, high-quality services. My team is made up of experienced and dedicated real estate professionals with specialist skills and extensive knowledge of the local market. Furthermore, we have established strong partnerships with lawyers, financial advisors, appraisers and notaries to offer comprehensive and quality support throughout the real estate process. As regards the sale, we offer an accurate evaluation of the property, a professional photographic service, database search of potentially interested profiles, announcement on various websites, innovative marketing strategies and guided tours. The process of purchasing a property is accompanied by a team of expert agents who offer a careful selection of properties using advanced tools and privileged access to a wide range of properties. Additionally, we provide assistance in managing legal documentation and planning timelines for a smooth and fast transition. When it comes to renting, we have a wide selection of properties available, including residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and much more. We are committed to guiding customers through the rental process in a clear and transparent way, offering complete support in managing documentation and timing. Don't miss the opportunity to come and visit us and contact us for more information. We are ready to help you realize your real estate dreams. Exclusive and discreet service - Our service is characterized by an exclusive and discreet approach, guaranteeing maximum privacy while searching for your ideal property. We are aware that searching for a property can be a delicate matter, so we work with the utmost confidentiality to meet your needs. Lake Garda - Lake Maggiore - Lake Iseo - Lombardy - Liguria - Emilia Romagna - Trentino Alto Adige - Sardinia - We cover a large geographical area, offering access to exclusive and off-market properties in different Italian regions. Whether you are looking for a house on Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore or in other regions such as Lombardy or Liguria, we are here to help you find your ideal property. With our experience in the real estate sector and our extensive network of contacts, we are able to offer you privileged access to exclusive properties that may not be publicly available. We are specialized in the search for luxury properties, prestigious residences, properties of historical value and private residences, satisfying the most specific requests of our customers. Choose Immobiliare Bosco for an exclusive and discreet real estate search.