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agenzie immobiliari a La Maddalena

  • Immobiliare Murphy
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    Immobiliare Murphy
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    Via Garibaldi 78 07024 - La Maddalena

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    Immobiliare Murphy is a newly developed agency that operates in the Costa Smeralda and northern Sardinia, with particular attention to the markets of La Maddalena and Porto Cervo. The result of a close-knit collective, with many years of experience and skills in different but synergistic sectors, inspired by an idea of ​​change and innovation in the real estate sector, with the aim of integrating the infinite possibilities offered by technology to the skills of the real estate agent. Immobiliare Murphy's strategy is based on the development of online marketing processes, aimed at interception and customer loyalty both in the field of sales and summer rentals. Organic traffic from Google and careful management of social media are as fundamental as the presence on real estate portals such as immobiliare.it. The Immobiliare Murphy website and social accounts are constantly developing, with content that is always current and in line with current trends. The agency aims to encourage cohesion and synergy between local activities to seize the best opportunities offered by the market. The goal is also to invest in building solid relationships with foreign real estate agencies and tour operators, making the most of our diverse cultural backgrounds and language skills. We want to offer advice and assistance at all stages of the real estate process, offering various solutions that can meet the needs of our customers, for example, we can mention: • Brokerage in the sales, purchase and rental phases • Paperwork • Free evaluation of the property • Home staging • Registration on the portals • Enhancement and increase of reservations • Management of reservations • Check-in and check-out of guests • Revenue management (revenue management, maximizing employment and optimizing rates) • Concierge service

  • Immobiliare IL FARO Srl in La Maddalena
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    Immobiliare IL FARO Srl in La Maddalena
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    Via Principe Amedeo 31 07024 - La Maddalena

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    Since 1986 the brokerage agency Il Faro has gained a thorough knowledge of the territory and the dynamics of sales and rentals in the La Maddalena archipelago and in northern Sardinia. The Agency Il Faro is run by 2 sisters Cristina and Francesca: “We have joined our father in mediation for over thirty years, building on a long and consolidated family experience, merging tradition and innovation. Thirty years of experience, seriousness and respect for you are our main references so that our agency continues to be a reference activity for the real estate market of the wonderful archipelago of La Maddalena and beyond“. We have chosen to be guided, every day, by the desire to ensure qualified assistance and professional advice. With passion, speed of action, courtesy and constant attention to the real estate market and attention to detail to protect your interests. With proven organizational criteria and a constantly evolving service network, we want to be a valid and efficient reference for living and reliving, together with you, year after year, the magic of the La Maddalena National Park archipelago. We are pleased to be at your disposal to offer you a vast, selected and personalized real estate portfolio. Our priority? Meet your needs. We filter your requests, we follow you, step by step, to find the perfect solution for you, provide you with useful advice and confidentially and with the utmost professionalism the various problems related to demand and the real estate offer. Through the path of purchase and sale of a property and or reservation of the house where to spend the summer holidays or annuity of the house you own: Buying a property: We scrupulously select the properties to be offered. We pay attention to the goodness of the investment, to the regularity and security of your purchase, your future home in the enchanting archipelago of La Maddalena. Sale of a property: we support you with professional knowledge, based on the ethics and seriousness reconfirmed since 1986. We evaluate your property with realistic indications; we recommend justifiable sales prices that are in line with market trends. We constantly study the real estate market and its rules, which are confirmed in continuous change. Reservation of the holiday home: the charm of the island’s inception since 1986 to optimize the activities and quality controls. The strong desire not to disappoint your expectations of a unique and unforgettable holiday in these lands and seas so beautiful and full of beauty. Give you the satisfaction of a holiday created according to your needs with our professionalism, constancy and dedication. Yield of your own home: we are able to rent and manage your property through the Tourist Leases. Short term rentals that represent a form of contract for tourist use particularly slender and advantageous for you who own a house to rent in an area with a high tourist attendance as the archipelago of La Maddalena National Park.

  • Immobiliare La Maddalena Tour del Dott. Daniele Geromino
    Immobiliare La Maddalena Tour del Dott. Daniele Geromino
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    Via Indipendenza 42 07024 - La Maddalena

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  • Case al Mare Immobiliare
    Case al Mare Immobiliare

    Via Italia 14 07024 - La Maddalena

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    La nostra Agenzia ubicata nell'Isola di La Maddalena, si occupa dell’intermediazione immobiliare relativa alla vendita di immobili in La Maddalena e nel Nord Sardegna. Il nostro obbiettivo e’ quello di offrire ai nostri clienti un trattamento personalizzato che permetta loro di acquistare/vendere il proprio immobile tenendo conto delle proprie esigenze. Grazie a vari contratti commerciali con i piu’ importanti portali immobiliari su internet, e con varie riviste cartacee di settore, garantiamo a chi ci affida la vendita del proprio immobile, un’esposizione pubblicitaria di notevole importanza, rivolta alla ricerca di potenziali acquirenti sia a livello locale che nazionale. Accompagniamo i nostri clienti sino al rogito notarile, seguendoli passo per passo nelle varie fasi pre/post vendita. Con serietà e professionalità saremmo lieti di accogliere Le Vostre richieste ed aiutarVi a soddisfarle.

  • Tirrena Immobiliare di Roberto Chirico
    Tirrena Immobiliare di Roberto Chirico
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    C.so Vittorio Emanuele 35 07024 - La Maddalena

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    Siamo un' agenzia di intermediazione di beni immobiliari della Maddalena, che opera nel Nord Sardegna e in altre località italiane dal 1990. Registra la tua proprietà con noi per VENDERE o AFFITTARE il tuo immobile nella maniera più effettiva e con l'attrezzatura più affidabile del settore. Iscr. n. 711 CCIAA SS Iscr. REA n. 179249 La nostra organizzazione è specializzata nel recupero di ruderi e nel ripristino di case d' epoca con possibilità di ogni tipo di personalizzazione e finitura. Disponiamo di valide soluzioni in acquisto, sia nel contesto cittadino, che nelle aree residenziali in prossimità delle spiagge, anche con formula "rent & buy". Ampia disponibilità di appartamenti di ogni tipologia, attici, ville e villette per locazioni estive o stagionali. Maggiori informazioni http://www.tirrenaimmobiliare.com/