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  • Photo - Single family villa via Puglia 4, Palagianello

    Single family villa via Puglia 4, Palagianello

    • 5+ 
    • 326 m2
    • bathrooms

    The property is structured on two habitable levels of 326sqm, has pitched roof and a covered area on the ground floor destined to pilotis of about 180sqm and both housing units are equipped with heat pump air conditioners, as well as a wood-burning fireplace that guarantee the perfect thermal comfort both in summer and winter. Area on the ground floor: ideal for sheltering cars or as a recreational area for the building, adjacent to this area is a masonry oven with a pitched roof with tiles and a bench in marble for the processing of pizzas with masonry smashing for the embers, in the piloties area there is also a room used as a service bathroom with sink and utility room. First floor: Area accessible through two external stairs in ca below which have been created two closed rooms for shelter of equipment or closet; the first floor housing unit is composed of 4 bedrooms, 2 double and 2 single bedrooms, large living room with wood-burning fireplace covered in bricks and marble, large kitchen with carrara marble top, n ° 2 local bathroom, n ° 9 double-glazed windows / French windows with wooden shutters in excellent condition, the two entrance doors located to the west and east of the building, respectively, are equipped with a double frame that guarantees minimum heat loss from the interior environments. Second floor: attic area accessible via internal wooden staircase; the real estate unit is composed of 2 bedrooms, 1 of which is double and 1 single with two beds, 1 studio and a free space for various uses, a large living room with antique wood stove, ° 1 bathroom with shower tray and 11 double-glazed windows with wooden shutters in very good condition. External areas: The property insists on a completely fenced area with a wall in reinforced concrete surmounted by railings in painted metal 3000sqm of which 400sqm destined to garden with lawn of dicondra and trees, specifically n ° 6 palms, n ° 10 pine trees also fruit along the fence are home to 200 silver and common cypress trees. to this first area extends from east to west a surface of about 8000 square meters identified by the p.lle 207-208-209-211-222, on which insists a pine forest naturalized with 200 trees of Aleppo pine and fruit also It is totally fenced with reinforced concrete and poles, this area represents a lung v it is of notable importance that manages to create a favorable and extremely pleasant microclimate in every season of the year and guarantees a further advantage to the livability of the occupants of the building. The p.lle 190,204,210,222 are building areas. A east of the building there is an area of about 2700mq identified by p.lle 190-204-210 (fg.9) partially cultivated as a vegetable garden bordering on other properties and municipal roads bounded by fencing and boundary walls.--f5bbe34a7a4c420c70910e47c705cbf3!

  • Photo - Single family villa Strada Provinciale 26 2004, Palagianello

    Single family villa Strada Provinciale 26 2004, Palagianello

    • € 250.000
    • 226 m2
    • bathrooms

    detached house outside the town, 226 sqm divided on two floors, from here basement used only double garage and two cellars 4x4 sqm each. with cultivated land 45 olive trees and 6 fruit trees land of square meters 2000 . of living room with fireplace stove, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and living room.--aebd22db50eebdf22d157f23c1dc959e!

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