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3-room flats for sale Moncestino

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  • Photo - Detached house via Roma 1, Moncestino

    Detached house via Roma 1, Moncestino

    • € 300.000
    • rooms
    • 260 m2
    • bathrooms

    Former Rectory dating from the mid '700, renovated to an extremely superior detail, conducted with constant attention to the building systems and original context; Courtyard and private garden complete the residenza. La property, adjacent to the sacristy of the parish of Moncestino, began as a rectory in the mid '700. The structure, originally a piano solo, prolonged along the access road and garden type sleeve simple sacristy up to a portion of the factory highest characterized by the use of the brick exposed brick and structural elements of arched facade topped by cornices rilievo. During the following century it was added to a plan the existing one and the resulting change of the height of the inner horizontal elements and the size of bucature. The current overhaul in 2008 has affected the building both internally and externally according to an extremely superior detail conducted with constant attention to the building systems and original to contesto. In order to enhance the aesthetic impact of the old arched brick facade, marred by the intervention century and now, including in the home, the new flight of stairs in Lucerne stone was placed in Adjacent to the old brick wall restored and lit by two skylights placed on the new roof rialzato. On the south side toward the garden of the property has been placed against a part of the building visible from the outside with enlargement function of the library on the ground floor and terrace the first panoramic piano. The main materials are finishing the Lucerne stone, wood oak (also old), the exposed concrete, marble, travertine, onyx, brick recovery, mortars and Tonachini at the bottom of natural tones. The roof completely redone has warping main fir use river and roofing tiles are original. The frames in lacquered wood are all new training as well as the installations water supply, heat and electric devices certified and release of agibilità. The shelves of the library on the ground floor are formed in the thickness of the wall through the opening of a series of niches inside of which you were walled plates in Lucerne stone for the housing of the books so as to avoid cluttering the space of the room furnishings protruding. Three large windows open on all sides of the outer room of the music object dell'ampliamento. The kitchen cabinets covered in white mosaic and marble bardiglio houses a rare sink Genovese also carved from a block of marble bardiglio. thin sheets of pink Portuguese marble placed in particular points of the north façade serve as opals for scenic effects of natural light during daytime hours and lanterns outside the notte. The south facade was brought to brick and stone from canton to view with stucco and window frames in old mortar and thick sills Luserna. Courtyard and private garden complete the residenza.

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